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Political, Commercial & Religious Agenda:


In my profession, I am watching world events with concern, confusion, skepticism and frustration.

Government agencies are presenting plans for the future. I would be happy if these plans could work, but I have observed that government control over prescription plans for seniors and disabled people is causing confusion, and some of us are being injured.

Nonetheless, private industry Insurance and their sales agents, the Medical profession, the legal profession and clients of the industry have all been in a racing cycle of Commercialism. All agendas share guilt for the problems we face in every type of Insurance product.

Mankind as a whole has not learned to be unselfish- how to truly love each other. Until we master that, we will never stop the cycle, even with government intervention.

The social programs of Canada and other Countries whom we are trying to duplicate do not work for them either. Many people from those areas come here to receive care.

My only conclusion is that we need our loving God to rescue us. We are incapable of establishing peace, equity and justice.