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About My Family:

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Hi there. I am Russell, and I have lived for years so far. My family and I have resided in our beautiful North State since 1982. Betty and I have had four children. Our oldest son, Jeremy and his beautiful wife, Erika have made me a delighted grandfather twice; Daniella and Penelope. Our youngest son has given us another granddaughter Ava Joanne. Betty and our oldest son Jeremy and our youngest son Rusty have all had close brushes with death. And we had one daughter Danielle, and one son Benny, whom we miss and yearn for. Some day we will have a grand family reunion! For the majority of my life, I have been selling to make a living. For the last years I have been in the Insurance Industry. About years ago I utterly burned out. I finally learned to stop selling and became an educator. We have experienced numerous tragedies. I gained much from several people who comforted me. I have learned that all I need to do is to listen and care about people. They, in turn take genuine care of me. If somebody knows that you are acting in their best interest, almost always they respond with human feeling and trust. I derive great joy from my business. I am your protector. I offer to explain what you need to know. If you are open to my advice, you benefit from my experience. If not, I am always available. Since I have two ears and one mouth, I try to listen more and speak a little. I love life and people. We need each other. One of the most important things in life is sharing.

One of my hobbies is getting to know centenarians! So far I have my met seven who have lived past 100- two of whom lived to 107! One of those was my mother's grandmother who lived to 104.

One of my hobbies is my obsession with jig saw puzzles. My home and office are filled with my puzzles which I mat and frame. I have some beautiful pictures, mostly of the great outdoors.

My most important reality to my stability in life has been to place my faith, hope, confidence and reliance in our loving heavenly Father, Jehovah. His name means: "He who causes to become". He gives us our sanity and joy.

The most important ingredient for my health and sanity has been tackling huge, hard labor projects around my home. I am still able to work hard from sun up to sun down; and that helps me cope with "life".

The Joy's of My Life- Betty, my wife of years; my remaining two sons and one very special daughter-in-law and three beautiful granddaughters, my mother and step father in their golden years. Two of my sisters and their families live in hot Arizona and I have one sister and her family in North Carolina. One of Betty's brothers and two of her sisters and their families live here in Shasta County. Her oldest sister lives in Washington, and one brother lives in Nevada.

A major highlight of my lifetime was to go to Alaska! However, my wife, Betty, outperformed my fishing prowess!