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Financial Investments:


I have a Series 6 & 63 license with the State of California. I can take orders to help you do most anything you want in the investment world. But I am timid about making any recommendation.

The only thing that I am confident to recommend with joy is Annuities and occasional Collection Deposits(CD's). With these two investment vehicles there is a guarantee on your principal and a minimum guarantee on interest.

You have probably noticed that we are in turbulent times. We are doing well to hold our own. I am apprehensive about aggressive investments. I know a few people who have prospered by taking risk. But I know more people who have lost miserably after a lifetime of hard work.

My wife and I have watched her 401K go up and down on the wild roller coaster ride. It is hard for me to be excited about stock market products. I am also unhappy about Life Insurance policies being tied to the stock market.

I have decided to be an order taker and not a pusher in the investment field. I would feel very bad if anyone lost money in an investment I recommended.